Linkage versions feature matrix

Feature Professional Personal Demo
Industrial/for-profit use allowed

Absolutely free

Uniquely registered to the user with name/e-mail
Maximum number of installations available by default 1 2 -
Create new bikes using templates or a side-view image
Import FSKinematics (.bke) files
Save files
Export to image/movie formats
Export to DXF
Export numerical data to spreadsheet (CSV)

Export higher resolution images

Download from bike web library
Upload to web library
Calculate frame types from single pivot to six-bar
Basic suspension characteristics (pedal-kickback, suspension geometry, leverage ratio, chain growth)
Maximum number of files opened simultaneously 20 3 2
Maximum number of compared bikes on a diagram 6 3 2
Number of diagram types 11 11 6
Total number of diagrams (including sub-types) 21 14 9
Live diagrams (instant change with suspension if necessary)

Use any wheel/tyre size (26,650B,29 etc.)
Shock curve editor

Load custom shock data (CSV format)
Customize fork (travel, axle-to-crown,double crown, upside-down etc.)
Angle change headsets (ie. +/- 1°)
Show pivot force vectors

Compressing force direction change

Axle-path tangent force direction modeling

Show axle-path geometry radius and steepness angle

More detailed Pedal-kickback calculation

Anti-squat calculation
Calculate anti-squat with chain guides using i-Track Suspension's method
Acceleration weight transfer gradient diagram using i-Track Suspension's method

Calculate floater-brakes
Anti-rise calculation using i-Track Suspension's method
Show suspension Instant Center and Center of Curvature
Show floater brake Instant Center

Change reference point (coordinate origo)
Editing in sag position
Sag calculator
Change suspension type on-the-fly, anytime
Easy frame size change with creating main frame tubes
Show brake disc with different diameters
Handle gearing (crank and sprocket)
Show rear derailleur with chain
Handle chain guides – simple roller, jack-shaft, gearboxes
Load background wallpaper image
Window border/color styles
Translations to many languages
Select measure units (inch, mm, cm)

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