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About the Linkage software

Are you working on bike suspensions? Do you want to tweak your bike? ...or just want to have fun playing around with cool bikes? Then this software is probably interesting for you.

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Linkage is a powerful and easy-to-use but rich-featured 2D bike suspension analysis software for Windows systems, focusing on mountain bikes, but also simulating other suspension linkages - motorbikes, city bikes etc. The software has been improved and refined over the years and has great feedbacks from both designers and bike enthusiasts.
Linkage also provides a user-extensible web library of bike models to help in comparing different designs or publish and share own ones. Linkage comes with data files for many bike designs.

Main features:

  • simulation of all popular full-suspension bike frame systems from single-pivot swingarm to 6-bar linkages
  • calculation of linkage forces by a kinematic model, allowing different shock-setups
  • front fork movement simulation for examining different scenarios and geometry changes
  • comparisons allowed on diagrams and bike drawings to easily recognize differences between different designs
  • multi-window working environment with numeric or mouse input, click-and-drag features
  • creating new designs quickly using photos or ready-to-use customizable templates
  • export all results in high-resolution graphical, DXF or text formats or movies
  • calculation of the chain drive geometry changes and pedal-kickback and anti-squat values
  • customizable bike elements like wheels, forks and shock parameters, custom shock curves
  • good tool for examining bike geometries
  • more than 60 existing designs included and hundreds available online

Linkage is available in two versions - Professional and Personal - meaning different depths of analysis and number of features available.

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