Using the Web Library

Linkage is integrated with a web library so users can share their designs or publish them to a wider audience. Using the library requires a working internet connection and firewall programs configured to allow Linkage to access the web.

The web library allows for the following actions:

- search by different criterias
- download files from the search results
- upload a file to the web library

The first two functions are accessible through the main window's Open dialog. Just set the desired search options on the top of the window and press the "Search web library" button. Wait a while until your search results are populated, then select the files which you'd like to download and open them as if they were on your computer.

The upload feature is accessible from the project window. Just press the upload button, confirm your upload and you're done. Though you won't see your file in the search results until the Linkage library webmaster approves your file. This is a necessary step, please allow at most a few days for this.
The approval process is also necessary when you update your previously approved file (uplolad it again) - the file gets to unapproved state again until the webmaster checks it. To avoid this, change your project's name, thus the old approved project will not change and only your new file have to be approved for download.

You can't upload files that are marked "read-only" or "protected". To see a file's protection status, drop down the Edit panel and look up the "Protection level" field.

You have the possibility to upload your file with different protection levels:
- if you choose "Modifyable" then every user will be able to modify your file and upload their new versions, if there's any.
- "Read-only" level means that other users won't be able to save and modify your file, neither upload it again, but they will see every details, like coordinates, they can zoom in extensively and exporting numerical datas (professional version) and hi-res images are possible. Choose this, if these conditions satisfy your needs.
- "Protected" level means that the numerical values will also be hidden. Only the diagrams, small resolution images and common datas without coordinates will be visible or exportable. Pivot points will also be ignored for drawing. This protects your design to some depth, it will be hard to exactly copy it, while it might still be seen through the diagrams that it's a good design (if you've done a good job :)

Note: protected levels still allow the user to change parameters that's possible in real life as well - ie. shock length, tyre sizes, cogwheel sizes etc.

Old version files (whose author is unknown, since it's a new feature from version 2.5) can't be protected and are always modifiable.
Thus, if you have a bunch of older version files that you'd like to upload and you'd like to be the original author for them, upload them to the web library and send an e-mail to explaining your request. The webmaster will modify the files and set you as the author.

Linkage stores its files with an encoding method, so you can be sure that your datas won't be known for others easily.