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Real projects using the Linkage software

People from all around the world use the Linkage software for their projects - bike companies, mechanics students and enthusiasts who want to make their dream bike real. We are proud that we could help in these professionally executed and innovative projects shown below:

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Norland Cycles Project

"...incredibly, the bike performs the same as your software predicted it."

Maximilian-Peter Werner, a Chilean-German Industrial design Student had the ambitions and tenacity to build his downhill bike with great technical details and innovative material choices. ... more  He has used a special aircraft technology surface material which seems to be something secret.
The resulting bike is a high-quality downhill machine, ready to rival the top brands.
See Max's video from the Eurobike here.
Norland Cycles hopefully enters the South American bike market soon.
Check out his video on YouTube, and also a great article on PinkBike.

JezKen Bikes Mk

"...Thank-you so much for giving me a copy of Linkage a couple of years ago, it played a pivotal role in helping to design our project bike.
...we got 1st place in Elite men"

Jeremy Sherwill and Kendal Judd are from Australia who ... more  have created not one, but already three prototype downhill bikes. It is a unique gearbox-bike design they are improving step-by-step and the proof they are right is the successful racing in the national series.
Visit their homepage, or check out an interview on PinkBike with them.

Björn Aeschlimann's Dead Rabbit

Björn Aeschlimann's Dead Rabbit

" guys made this very great linkage suspension program. With the help of the V2.5 personal version I have made my dream Bike real. I have designed, drilled, milled and welded."

By looking at the pictures you can see this is a serious bike too. Björn from Switzerland used Linkage Personal software to model the geometry and built the bike with great skills. Visit the PinkBike page here or his shop homepage here.

CarbonMike Evolution I

Michal Kalavsky from Slovakia spent countless hours building this carbon frame at home. The lesson: without large factory equipment you may be able to create a carbon frame at home which is really top stuff. The downside: you really have to have a lot of time and patience for this.
Official website:
Let's see Mike's own words:


"...I used old Linkage, it has helped me unbelievably.

I like my bike very much, geometry ... more  is absolutely perfect for me. Suspension works pretty well. My suspension is VPP but it doesn't have real S-shaped path. It's because of the down link. I had serious issue about spacing (as *** /famous brand name hidden/ also have) and I don't like long chainstays so I did it like this. I made also that VPP logo. I used covering sticker (cutted on machine) and than sandblasted it (on block of flats balcony :)) Polishing was really hard, I spent tons of hours polishing. But I really like final result. Whole frame was relatively low-cost. I spent less than 588Euros (about $800US) for it.
My frame is build with easy technology, I used internal core (positive moulding). Core is made from foam so its light weight. Core on rear swingarm is from balsa wood. Its really light. Its not like real wood.
Frame weight is 3680g without shock. Its really heavy for enduro-fr frame, but the only way to build it (safety) with this technology was to overdimension it (use more layers of carbon). Also dimensioning of composites are far more difficult then with metals. But I'm learning it.
I think that 6" was quite enough for the track. Less comfortable than real DH bikes, but rideable. Most riders have big travel, but its tuned bad like hell. This was my 3rd downhill race with this frame (and also ever in my life :)).
I'm working on Evolution 2 frame now. It will not be VPP but 4-bar linkage with horst link (not patented in Europe). Basic frame design will be quite same. I'm also workning on my new different carbon technology for producing "Pro" quality frames. I want weight reduction of 1kg and more. So lot of work to do."

Máté Örs István's thesis on the Girvin Crosslink fork

The full title is "Design and finite element analysis of a microcontroller driven bicycle front suspension system" and the project is the author's final thesis at an engineering faculty. He used a number of software to evaluate the working of this fork, including mechanical finite element analysis and writing an algorythm for the microcontroller software of the intelligent shock unit in this fork. A very interesting topic for sure. Click here to see a few excerpts from the project presentation and paper.

Primoz Dernulovec's bike

"I already designed one bike with your program Linkage... I have built a bike that works very well..."

We think it's a very well-made and good looking bike from Slovenia.

Visit the PinkBike gallery here.

And the next one... maybe you?

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