“Linkage” has been developed for analyzing and comparing the different full-suspension bicycle designs available on the market. Its current features make it capable of analyzing almost all kind of suspensions (motorcycle, car) too, while allowing modifying existing or creating new designs.
Regarding bikes, all the current designs on the market (with the exception of a few unique models) can be modeled with the software, including mono-pivot frames, 4-bar linkages etc.
“Linkage” comes with data files for many bike designs already on the market (or past models).

"Linkage" also intends to provide a place for bike enthusiasts and designers to compare their designs - without rating them explicitly, just providing some aspects of comparison. We created a web library for such users who like sharing or publishing their work. This library is searchable for all users of the program, even the Demo version users. Non-demo users can extend the library too.

Though this software may help in making decisions, we recommend trying out a specific product in real life to size it up to your likings.

This documentation and the data files included in this software package contain trade names of their respective owners.
Though we tried our best, the real products may differ from the ones modeled here. We are always glad to receive corrections from reliable sources and make the necessary editing of the files.