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The latest software version - Linkage x3

This major version number has been around since 2013 but the software is always improving, so now you have almost all the bike suspension systems available including special "rail" systems or variations of the MacPherson strut and as complex as 6-bar suspension systems. Complete chain guides, gearbox etc. simulation, also lower chain guide (click on this link to see what we mean)
"Floater" brakes, "floating" shock, full gearing and rear derailleur modeling, all wheel sizes supported. Complete setup of bike geometry in one step.

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Linkage new version is available!

It is called version X3, almost like (20)13 but we did not want to give any chance to bad luck associated with number 13!   (did you know there's a complete literature of Triskaidekaphobia?)

There's a lot of new features, so we hope it was worth waiting the long time until it's been released.
The most important news:

  • Anti-rise calculation (the same for braking as anti-squat for acceleration)
  • Floater-brakes, with correct anti-rise calculation, thanks to i-Track suspension
  • Synchronize suspension travel for all opened bikes (useful for comparing bikes, especially with "ghost bike" drawings)
  • Synchronize gears for opened bikes - useful for comparing anti-squat, pedal-kickback
  • Rear derailleur modeling with notice for chain shortage or too long chain
  • More diagrams, like total chain growth (not just the upper), leverage ratio measured on axle-path (this one is only for Professional version), more anti-squat parameters as written below.
  • More detailed anti-squat parameters as described here. Plus showing the extra force due to squatting/brake-rise. (Prof. version)
  • Better graphics with fill mode options (lines, solid fill, 3D-like fill)
  • Drawing of piggyback shocks, brake discs, upside down forks
  • Live diagrams - which change for the current suspension compression if needed (only Prof.version)
  • Diagrams handle the option of Horizontal/vertical display mode when needed
...and more details which altogether make it the most useful and enjoyable Linkage version so far.

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To see the feature matrix of the different versions, click here.

The latest version introduces some great features and as a result of cooperation with
I-Track Suspension now Linkage can calculate anti-squat values better.
The news:

  • Calculation of 6-bar frames has two more frame types, so (probably) all 6-bar configurations are now supported (with proper Instant Center calculation method).
  • MacPherson strut frames supported (the most known examples for this are the
    Maverick™ bikes and the Klein™ Palomino)
  • Anti-squat calculation for bikes with chain guides, supported by I-Track Suspension
  • Anti-squat calculation diagram for fixed frame-vertical direction calculation. Read more about this in the FAQ.
  • German translation by Ingo Beutner (thanks Ingo, really nice work).
  • More complete frame geometry setup with top/seat/head tube parameters, modify frame size any time
  • Import files from the Igorion FS-Kinematics software mady by Hannes Fleischer (just use "Open")
  • Work with frame elements, not only single frame points (move, rotate)
  • Set shock stroke and calculate max travel, fixable shock length while editing. Shock stroke can also be fixed, so maximum travel is can be determined by this.
  • Angle offset headsets
  • Edit in sagged position (front and rear)
  • Shift on rear sprockets/front crank with a click, setup cog combinations easily
  • Nicer anti-aliased graphics, skin styles, wallpapers inside the software, better screen-area utilization - toolbar can be moved (see the orange arrow button)

...and many small improvements and error fixes.

Some screenshots: